​​This is a very good DVD that is guided by the lovely dancer Nadirah. The topic is well covered and the tone of the overall DVD is peaceful and calm. Nadirah has a lovely attitude and her interview at the end is raw and natural, you really get her story and where she is coming from by making this DVD.  Tanya Garofalo

DVD belly dance for healing illness

​I first watched this video with a couple of girlfriends. We're all beginners, but Nadirah's instruction was easy to follow (and fun)!

What I liked most was that it was super calming throughout and you could pretty much go at your own pace based on your experience and fitness level. I have since used the DVD for additional workouts and this really gets the job done. The belly dancing is super fun to learn and provides a great workout. The basic strength training moves are simple enough to follow while still being effective. The stretching and yoga is a great way to end the workout and once I was so relaxed I dozed off for a moment. She shares her personal story too, so you get an idea of where she's coming from. This girl walks the talk! I'm convinced that you can heal your body - Nadirah and her video will help you do just that! Fawn Mason  

A gentle, holistic workout that can be tailored to fit your  own stage of recovery