Nadirah is 

‚ÄčNadirah is a master strategist and visionary. Dancer, Speaker, Author, Actor,Coach and Trainer. 

She is the founder of the Goddess In Motion Institute In San Diego California ( The new GIM for women) and the  creator of the Goddess In Motion Method and Bodies In Motion Method.  Self Development, Buisness development   and dance/movement fitness  programs for women, groups (men and women), kids/teens and seniors.

She believes  that everyone  has gifts and talents that they came here to use. She helps people connect to their passions, their pleasure,senses and connect to their authentic self expression and for women connect to their inner goddess so they can share their gifts and talents and reach their highest potential . She Integrates Holistic health,belly dance,  fitness , dance and self development programs that promote empowerment , leadership , healing and transformation. Founder of San Diego Belly Dancers , The Goddess In Motion Institute, The Red Tent Goddess Events , The Feminine Leadership Alliance and Princesses and Heroes 501 c3 
Associate Producer on the CBS 7, 
Host on The Talk of San Diego Network and Workout San Diego. 
Nadirah is a world renown  International Belly Dance Entertainer, Master Teacher and the leading authority on the healing power of belly dance.